Somerset Education has a range of on-demand training videos. These include financial governance training videos (A$99) as well as our free-to-view: ‘How to…’ instructional videos.

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Access to these videos and slides is via the secure and reliable video streaming platform, Vimeo. To buy these on-demand videos, you will need to provide your name, email, and credit card details when you select BUY A$99.


To ensure every school has access to important videos, these ‘How to…’ instructional videos are now available on-demand for those who wish to undertake further training.

Webinar Series| Financial Storytelling: How to read and analyse your audited reports
By John Somerset

  • Your legal obligation regarding financial statements
  • ‘Accounting 101’ — the financial essentials
  • Top three questions to ask your financial team.


Evaluating 2024 enrolments and staff… Time to rethink and refocus?
By John Somerset

  • Case studies highlighting both sound and challenged financial health in schools
  • Insights into maintaining financial sustainability for schools
  • A recap of key performance indicators (KPIs).


Webinar Series | A fresh look at strategic planning
By John Somerset with Associate Professor, Andy Schaack

  • Attributes of a financially sustainable independent school
  • Accounting for non-accountants
  • Using the Financial Survey for Schools (FSS) to identify and quantify strengths and weaknesses to inform strategy.


Video Series | SKI Scenario Builder™—Revolutionise financial forecasting
By John Somerset

  • Key highlights of new FSS tool
  • Overview of key features
  • How to use.


Video Series | 20 Minute crash course on school analysis
By John Somerset

  • How to use FSS
  • Overview of key features
  • How to help you make informed decisions using FSS.


Instructional Video Series | Economic planning and decision-making for schools, colleges, Universities
By Peter Buckingham and John Somerset

  • How to use FSS for planning and decision-making
  • Overview of key features.


Instructional Video Series | Demographic Geo Mapping
By Peter Buckingham and John Somerset

  • Understanding your schools’ demographics and sustainability
  • Overview of key features of Geo Mapping


Instructional Video Series | FSS Staff Estimator
By John Somerset

  • How to use our FSS Staff Estimator
  • How to use this tool to estimate your teaching staff levels
  • Using the information to adapt staff levels for financial sustainability.


Instructional Video Series | School financial sustainability
By John Somerset

  • Attributes of a financial sustainable school
  • Somerset example school sustainability
  • Evolving themes in relation to school financial sustainability.


Instructional Video Series | Selecting sample and initial analysis
By John Somerset

  • Overview of FSS portal
  • How to select sample school
  • How to analyse the data from the reports.


Instructional Video Series | Trend analysis
By John Somerset

  • Trend analysis — both past and future
  • Understanding how trend analysis is crucial to your financial sustainability
  • How to use the tools on the FSS portal to identify the trends in your reports.