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Survey Now Open!!

ASBA/Somerset Non-Government Schools’ Financial Performance Survey 2018 school-year reports available soon.

The ASBA/Somerset Non-Government Schools Financial Performance Survey has been operating for more than 25 years. It includes about 700 schools, has a satisfaction rating of 98%, and 100% of participants recommend it to others. The report compares a school’s performance with similar schools to help assess financial viability and sustainability, identify and quantify strengths and weaknesses and foster continual improvement.

Financial viability/sustainability is an essential enabler of the educational services provided by schools and is a key responsibility of school governors and senior management.

Research indicates that the use of comparative and trend ratios and benchmarks is a crucial attribute of a financially sustainable school. Also important is the ability for the school to adapt to changing circumstances, which an analysis of ratio trends helps to identify.

For more information about the survey click here.

We encourage participation to help maintain and continually improve individual school and sector sustainability.

To date over 360 schools have logged in to complete 2018 school-year data. Although data can be entered at any time, we request that you complete 2018 data entry in July 2019 to allow reporting from August 2019.

Next week we will disable the 2017 School-Year Reports to make way for 2018 School-Year Reports which we plan to have available by 29 July 2019. During this time you are still able to access the 2018 school-year data entry.

Participation in the survey starts from $682 including GST ($341 including GST for schools with less than 200 enrolments).

For new participants, simply email us with your signature block and Lisa (Our office manager) will respond with a 6 digit School ID and password.

If you have any questions in relation to the survey, please email us or call on
1300 781 968.

Kindest regards

John Somerset FCA