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As a valued member of the non-government school sector, your contribution to the continual improvement of the Financial Survey for Schools (FSS) is invaluable.

Irrespective of whether your school participated in 2023, could I trouble you to please complete this six-minute Feedback Survey on the FSS .

Your feedback will directly influence improvements to the FSS and is a tangible way to contribute to the sector.

Thank you again for your support of our mission to help schools make confident financial decisions, maintain sector financial health, and positively contribute to the education of youth.

We look forward to our continual relationship with you and your school.


Q | Any questions?

For more information about the FSS or our budgeting and reporting tools, please do not hesitate to contact Cathy or Jessica at or call 1300 781 968 (from outside Australia +61 7 3263 5300).

If I can help in any way with the financial governance of your school, please contact me at or mobile 0417 618 899.

We look forward to your ongoing support, or if new to the survey, we warmly welcome you joining in.