Webinar Alert: Evaluating 2024 enrolments and staff… time to rethink and refocus?

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A critical aspect of maintaining financial stability for a school is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Financial challenges often arise when there’s a discrepancy between enrolments and staff, possibly due to actual enrolments falling short of budget.
It is crucial to consider a strategic adjustment now if your 2024 enrolments are below the projected figures. Waiting until later in the year may lead to unfavorable financial consequences for your school. The Somerset Education Staff Estimator™ and SKI Scenario Builder™ provide a straightforward and effective means to assess staffing numbers and forecast potential financial outcomes for the year and to guide informed decision-making.👩‍💻 Join us for this one-hour webinar where we will discuss:
  • Case studies highlighting both sound and challenged financial health in schools
  • Insights into maintaining financial sustainability for schools
  • A recap of key performance indicators (KPIs).
🤔 You will learn how to:
  • Utilise the Staff Estimator™ to compare 2024 staff numbers with similar schools
  • Leverage our SKI Scenario Builder™ for forecasting likely financial outcomes to December 2024 and beyond
  • Feel empowered to become an expert advisor and contributor to your school’s financial position.
🚀 Webinar details:
Date: Wednesday 28 February 2024
Time: 7:00am to 8:00am (AEST) via Zoom
Recommended for: Principals, Governors, and Business Managers… but all welcome!
👉🏻 Register here:
Registration fee: A$99 (inc GST) per Registrant*
Register hereZoom 
*Note: Please register even if you’re unable to attend the ‘live’ webinar as the recording is available to all Registrants up to thirty days after the webinar.


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