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FSS has over 29 years of school data
We are proud of our 29 year history of operating the Financial Survey for Schools (FSS) which is now ready to receive your 2023 school-year data. Thank you to approximately 600 schools that participate each year.Here’s a link to the survey portal: Somerset Portal

Financial confidence and sector innovation
Joining the Financial Survey for Schools (FSS) not only empowers you with data-driven decisions but also contributes to sector innovation and improvement. Every participant adds to the comprehensive dataset, benefiting all schools. So, why wait? Let’s create a benchmarking resource that sets the standard for non-government school financial sustainability and drives industry progress.

Join the FSS today and gain access to a range of powerful tools that will benefit your school:

  • Historical and Somerset Key Indicator (SKI) Reports to analyse past and future changes in your school’s performance.
  • Financial Performance Report to compare over 60 ratios with similar schools and identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • SKI Scenario Builder™ for real-time adjustments and financial forecasts and risk assessment — new for 2024
  • IT Benchmarking Report 
  • ELC Benchmarking Reportnew for 2024
  • Plus, enjoy the convenience of a 24/7, 365-day self-service portal, and rest easy knowing that 10 out of 10 participants recommend the FSS to others.
Your data entry deadlines and participation packages
Although the survey is always open, please aim to complete data entry by 31 July 2024 so that you and others can generate reports with adequate sample sizes from 1 August 2024 to inform strategy and the 2024 school budgeting process in a timely way.Single report participation starts from AU$913* — including GST (AU$457* for schools with less than 250 enrolments). A discounted package price for the Financial Performance Report (compare with peers), Historical Report (your trends 2018 to 2023) and SKI Report (your future trends to 2028) is $2,200* — including GST ($1,100* for schools with less than 250 enrolments). If you participated last year reduce the package price by $220 ($110 for schools with less than 250 enrolments).

[*Note: Early bird prices apply if survey completed before 30 September 2024.]

We ensure your school data is confidential
FSS participant names and data are held in confidence by Somerset Education which we know is important to you. Reports are generated in a format which respects that confidentiality.

Ongoing support and further information 
Also annual participation means I am only a phone call away to discuss your school’s performance with you, in an informed and efficient way.

🎬 To watch our video on the revolutionary financial forecasting tool — SKI Scenario Builder™ | here is link: SKI Scenario Builder™

Q | Any questions?
If you have any questions in relation to the survey please contact Cathryn, our survey administrator at or telephone 1300 781 968 (from outside Australia +61 7 3263 5300). To assist you with accessing the Portal, here are the step-by-step instructions: Navigating the Somerset Education Portal

If I can help in any way with the financial governance of your school, please contact me at or mobile 0417 618 899.